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General Rules
1. The School Library is open to all students and teachers on school days.
2. No one carrying bags, bottles, books or periodicals not belonging to the Library shall be permitted to enter. All personal belongings can be stored temporarily in the lockers provided.
3. SILENCE must be maintained in the Library. Chatting, drinking, eating, group discussion and playing games are prohibited.
4. Sofa is provided for reading purposes only. Do not play, stand, sleep or put anything on the sofa.
5. Students should have their barcode label stuck behind their student card covered with adhesive tape. Student cards and/or barcodes are not transferable.
6. Library users should NEVER tear, cut or make markings on any pages of books or periodicals. They are responsible for any loss, mutilation or disfigurement. Library users concerned should be responsible to replace the lost or damaged books.


Borrowing Rules
7. Students may borrow a maximum of six items of library materials and accompanying library materials.
8. Each book and back issue of periodicals may be borrowed for a period of 14 days. Past certificate examination (CE) or advanced level examination (ALE) papers, CD-ROMs or cassettes can only be borrowed for 4 days.
9. Reference books, current issue of periodicals and newspaper cannot be borrowed without the permission of the teacher librarian.
10. Students should return their borrowed materials on time. The name of the borrower will be recorded if they fail to do so. His/Her name will be recorded, while he/she will be required to carry out assigned duties in the library. A suspension of borrowing books will be imposed on him/her until all overdue books are returned and all assigned duties are carried out.
11. The assigned duties for overdue library users would be cut by half if they could complete the assigned duties on the returning date. Figures after deduction would be rounded down to the nearest integer.
12. Students can renew borrowed materials only once through the Intranet before due date, except those items reserved by other students or teachers. Students with 4 overdue records or overdue items not returned will be suspended from renewing or reserving books.
13. Library materials to be borrowed must be checked out at the loan counter. Students should ensure that any library material issued to him/her on loan is undamaged before leaving the library. If any damages are discovered, they should inform the librarians on duty immediately.
14. A demerit will be issued to students under any one of the following circumstances:
14.1 Students carrying 5 records of late return of materials;
14.2 Students failing to return borrowed materials in 5 school days;
14.3 Students failing to carry out assigned duties in 5 school days.
15. Students should report any loss of books to the school library immediately. They should replace the lost items within 1 month, starting from the date of reporting loss

September 2011

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